hmm. had this sudden urge to revive this blog.

feels like Mission Impossible. XD

feel like starting a new drama (stairway to heaven?) XD
we'll see if I feel free enough to worry about other people's life.
this blog is dead. xD

how sad.

anyway. felt super rajin 2day so i.........

scanned some pics into d comp. xD
(not study)

i just realized it looks very different. oops.

got the angle wrong. XD

what's wrong with people?

leave KELLY CLARKSON alone.

first it was that smoking sponsor for her Jakarta concert.
I mean, come on. you think she has time to manage who sponsors her concerts??
obviously it wouldn't be her so it's not her fault.

now that's resolved

she's under fire again for having lyrics of a leaked song sort of point to the incident of Ryan Tedder and Halo and Already Gone. (and don't get me started on that).
and also they're accusing her of stealing Arcade Fire's 30 seconds of a song. Again, a leaked song.

I mean, wake up, people. It's a LEAKED song.
It may or may not be hers.
It may or may not be released.
It may or may not be finished.

and it's a LEAKED song.
it's onot meant to be on the Internet in the 1st place

...cos that was All I Ever Wanted

OMG. This is so surreal.

Picture this:

Wishing, wanting and hoping that Kelly Clarkson would come to Malaysia someday. Which is unlikely because she only tours in the US.

Then finding out she's coming and wishing that you could go. Which is unlikely because there's no one to go with.

Then finding out that your friend and her mum are going and are willing to let you tag along.

Then finding yourself so close yet so far from Kelly Clarkson, screaming your lungs out while she sings all the song you memorized so long ago.

That's All I Ever Wanted.

So now I've got it, why do I wish there was more?

What was magic is
for that one and a half hours nothing else mattered.


i wanna upgrade my KC concert tix. T.T

i know i shld be damn happy that i get to go which i thought was impossible.

but being human...

gosh. i want those RM338 tix.
but i'm stuck with the second row, side RM138 one.

oh well.

i still get to go.

7 days to Kelly Clarkson's All I Ever Wanted Concert!

so high now.

I wish I had rockzone tickets.
But at RM358,
my parents would KILL me

Sports Day 2010


I just realized something.

Sports is super fun + awesome to shoot.

There's just so many potential shots.

There's marching which is awesome if you can get the synchronized moves and stuff.
There's running which is just awesome. (except for photo finish. that's boring and it eats up memory space)
There's high jump. Imagine taking a pic of someone in mid-jump. (sadly, didn't get the chance)
There's long jump. *dreams*
There's cheer. I wish I'd stayed for it. Apparently Kesatria was awesome. (not surprising. they're good this year)
There's loads of emotion. If you can capture it.

(hurdles is cool too. but we didn't have it this year)


finally got tickets for Kelly Clarkson's concert!!!!!!!!!

I should really update...

I don't know what to think.
I HATE him!

μ™œ, μ–Έλ‹ˆ? μ™œ?

Costume Change

stupid man, today.

First, I went to school in librarian uniform (duh). Then during Bio, they called for Leo and Taekwondo AJKs. So me and Voon Pang went to change into Leo uniform. Went to the hall, spotted Kristal in Pandu Puteri uniform then we all decided to take the Leo pic last so that others can go take their badab beruniform pic first. So went up to the toilet and changed into Taekwondo uniform. We went to look for people who were still missing and after ages, we took our pic. Then came the complication of candid shots. Couldn't convince Thiam Joo to do a split, sadly so we just stuck to doing guarding block. How boring. Then as we were the second last badan beruniform to take a pic and all the other poor BODs were waiting for me, I ran and got back into Leo uniform. Took ages to get both Pn Wong and Pn Ng to the hall but finally it was done. It was more than 1 hour after we were called out of class during Bio lesson. Finally, Voon Pang and I changed back - me into librarian uniform and her into baju kurung. After shift and annoying librarians on shift, I had to change (again) into Kesatria stuff.


I HATE that guy.

I should stop acting like I'm so free


got loads of stuff to do.

but still find time to do nonsense.


I came to a conclusion that holidays (especially one week ones) are VERY bad.

this is me after holidays:

1. half a day without korean drama and I'm like plotting when I can watch
2. one day and I'm seriously dying to watch TV
3. I wanna watch Geng Zi Feng Yun (that's crazy)
4. I wanna watch Winter Sonata
5. I wanna watch Miss Mermaid
6. What's MPS?
7. Camp? OH YEAH.
8. Add math tuition homework still half-done
9. Shit. Exam marks. Shit. Stupid smart people.
10. I wanna SLEEP! TV!!!

stupid MATH
stupid MPS
stupid CAMP
stupid EXAMS
stupid TAEWONDO COMPETITION THATS CLASHING WITH IU DAY (not that I'm dying to go for IU)

Waiting for someone to slap me and ask: "Kelly, paboyeyo?"
I'd gladly reply yes.

Actually it's nae moriga nappaseo.
I'm not stupid.

My head is just bad.

Librarians sure know how to have fun.

110 Librarians, 8 ex-librarians, library teachers and a Camp.

Wow, it was so fun!

The only problem was that when you try to fit in loads of stuff in ONE day, it gets really tiring.


It's so hard to control all 110 monkeys that you find yourself wanting to scream at them.

I loved the race. Despite the fact that it felt more like a Merentas Desa training than a game.

Ran here and there looking for stations.
Crazy man.

Note to self: must tell people where the stations are before the race.

'Cos seriously, there was like NO connection at all between where the stations were an the answer to the clue.

Anyway, we were second,. Behind Emily's team.

Ice breakers were fun too.
Loved the "Favourite American Idol" thing.

Sadly, I didn't find the other Kelly Clarkson group till it was too late.

I wish I had brought my D90 'cos I ended up with probably less than 100 photos.
Terrible man.

Another note: have a longer journey for one day camp. This one was WAY too short. Not fun.

But I'm glad I got to know some trainees.

Sze Ern, my aunty especially. XD

Well, at least I know SOME of their names. XD

nobody's blogging

nobody's been blogging.

everyone's studying.

or trying to.

I'm bored man.

All I Ever Wanted

Kelly Clarkson's 4th and last single from her 4th album All I Ever Wanted.
Will be released on the 9th of March.

I dunno why I'm so crazy about it.

I already heard the song many times but still...

oh well.
I'm just crazy
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